26th AGM


The Malaysian Structural Steel Association (MSSA) 26th Annual General Meeting (26th AGM) was conducted on a hybrid basis from the broadcast and meeting venue held at Bilik Mesyuarat Berlian, Level 2, Block G, Menara Kerja Raya, Kuala Lumpur on 1 September 2022. The AGM started at 3:40 p.m. with a total of 45 members attending the meeting. This number meets the quorum required by the MSSA Constitution Article XV (5).

The 26th AGM was chaired by the President, Dato’ Seri Ir. Hj Mohamad Zulkefly Bin Sulaiman. The President briefed MSSA members that all sectors are important to Malaysia's growth including MSSA and the industry that each member represents. MSSA was founded on 8 March 1996 with the aim of developing and promoting the use of structural steel in Malaysia, plays an important role in the development and advancement of the steel industry. The President hoped that MSSA and the country continue to progress towards sustainable & resilient growth in the coming years.

The 2021 Activities Report and 2021 Statement of Accounts & the Auditors’ Report were presented by Ir. Dr. Lim Eu Shawn, Honorary Secretary General and Datuk Matthew Tee, Honorary Treasurer General respectively.

The President thanked all members that have taken their time off to attend the 26th AGM and the meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.