In history every birth of a revolution begins with a vision. Propagated through a series of significant decisions the vision takes shape. Akin to the seed of a sturdy evergreen destined to grow tall and strong supporting the canopy and eco-system of the rainforest, the Malaysian Structural Steel Association (MSSA) aspires to grow into a strong and respected organisation that is able to support the growth and development of the nation.

The Malaysian Structural Steel Association (MSSA) was founded on 8 March 1996 with the aim of developing and promoting the use of structural steel in Malaysia. It is a non-government organization that supports the interests of the construction industry and professionals associated with this industry.

With an objective born out of possibilities, forged with crystal clear intentions and steely resolve, MSSA is set to play a significant role in the growth of the Structural Steel Industry. Working together with various government agencies, private sectors, professionals, practitioners and universities, MSSA will continue to champion the usage of structural steel in Malaysia.

A non-profit organisation, MSSA is made up of leading individuals and companies in the construction and oil and gas industries. It has accepted the exciting and fulfilling task of enhancing the usage and perception of Structural Steel as the main choice. Being a proponent of structural steel, MSSA also currently seeks to expand into high-growth technology and industries such as the oil and gas sector. This is especially evident in the offshore oil and gas sector whereby many steel-based offshore facilities are coming into its end-of-life phase, thus giving birth to new opportunities in offshore decommissioning for its members. The rise of integrated petroleum complexes in Pengerang sees rapid expansion of opportunities and applications for its members.

To facilitate engagement with the oil and gas industry, MSSA also seeks to actively support its members in up skilling and competency development programs organized by both private and government initiatives. Such initiatives allow members to add value to their current portfolio by enabling their manpower with proper certification and qualifications to venture into higher technology areas and new sectors such as oil and gas.

At its crux, is a group of dynamic professionals from both the public and private sectors who share a common vision of establishing structural steel as material of choice for the building and construction industry in Malaysia. It is with their determination and support that MSSA has incorporated the following objectives:

  • To promote and advance the usage of structural steel in the construction, steelworks and oil and gas industry.
  • To promote new and appropriate use of technology, training, research and development and the standardization of design and management in the structural steel industry.
  • To encourage the dissemination of information and exchange of views in the structural steel industry at both national and international levels.
  • To operate as a advisory body, providing advice and information with the objective of enhancing the structural steel industry.


Malaysia experienced a rapid growth in the economy in the 90s, forcibly driven by Vision 2020 in its goal to be a fully developed nation. Since then there has been a continuous nationwide need to provide world class infrastructure rapidly and efficiently. However, resource constraints are already being experienced in the process.

It is time to revolutionize our approach in building our nation by considering total efficiency, looking at all areas of cost be it direct, indirect, social or environmental. Steel provides the best solution to this approach.

As the world stands on construction and development becomes weighted towards conservation and optimization of natural resources, steel framed buildings with all the advantages of steel, are poised to be the mainstream of future construction.

Steel framed construction encourages prefabrication and industrialization of the building system. Compared to mainstream construction method, use of steel results in:

  • Increased automation
  • Reduced labor dependency
  • Increased floor areas
  • Reduced construction period (quicker return of investment)
  • More ergonomic and architecturally challenging designs
  • Higher accuracy
  • Reduced pollution of the environment surrounding building sites
  • Possible extension, upgrade and changes to existing buildings
  • Reduced resource wastage (reduced overhead cost)
  • Increase floor area and floor utilization
  • Better structured site delivery


  1. Engagement with Governmental and GLCs in the application and opportunities for structural steel (e.g. International JKR, CIDB, PETRONAS) including organizing of forums, talks and meet the members’ session.
  2. Participation in international trade and knowledge based conferences in collaboration with regulatory bodies (e.g. International Construction Week, Offshore Engineering Asia).
  3. Exclusive participation in government-sponsored upskilling and competency development programs.
  4. Exclusive participation and access to seminars and technical courses for members run by industry and subject matter experts including bespoke programs for member companies.
  5. Access to online quarterly e-newsletter [ steel:my ]
  6. Technical visits to sites of interest and engagement with collaborating bodies.

Meanwhile, The Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia (JKR), in its endeavours to promote the use of Industrialised Building Systems (IBS) in construction, wishes to have a proper database of Malaysian Structural Steel Contractors with which to conduct future tenders of public projects

In support of this initiative, MSSA, in collaboration with the JKR, is developing for subsequent publication a listing of MSSA Institutional Members who are structural steel contractors and whose memberships are current.

We have a sub-committee working with representatives from the JKR to develop a Master Listing that asides from being a reference listing for public tenders, also serves the following criteria:

  • Promote structural steel construction as an inherent component of IBS.
  • Enhance networking amongst Malaysian structural steel contractors
  • Provide a platform for Malaysian steelworks contractors to showcase and promote their capabilities and experience.
  • To provide a path towards future accreditation of Malaysian structural steel contractors.


YBhg. Dato' Seri Ir. Haji Mohamad Zulkefly Bin Sulaiman


Former Director General
Public Works Department

Prof. Ir. Dr. Azlan Bin Adnan

Deputy President

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

Dr. Libriati binti Zardasti

Vice President

Senior Lecturer
Department of Structure and Materials,
School of Civil Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Law Wai Ho

Vice President

Hiap Teck Venture Berhad

Looi Seng Loong

Honorary Secretary General

Hitec Metal Sdn Bhd

YBhg. Datuk Matthew Tee Kai Woon

Honorary Treasurer

Group Executive Director
Bina Puri Holdings Bhd

YBhg. Dato' Sri Ir. Dr. Roslan Bin Md Taha

Immediate Past President

Ir. Lim Tau Soon

Council Member

Managing Director
STAM Engineering Sdn Bhd

Ir. M. Ramuseren

Council Member

Senior General Manager Technology Development Sector
Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

Ir. Hj. Badioezaman Bin Ab. Khalik

Council Member

Pengarah Kanan
Cawangan Kejuruteraan Awam & Struktur
Jabatan Kerja Raya

Ivan Chong Fu Seong

Council Member

Managing Director
Chong lek Engineering Works Sdn Bhd

Arthur Lee Sek Koon

Council Member

Senior Sales and Marketing Executive
SCG International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Ir. Dr. Lim Eu Shawn

Council Member

Aerodyne Group

Desmond Woon Yang Leng

Council Member

Ann Yak Siong Hardware Sdn Bhd

Ir. Stephen Tam Kah Yen


Pn. Amna A. Emir


Neuformation Architects Sdn Bhd